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Vendor Management System


Information for Vendors

The Vendor Management System offers contractors a completely free and easy to use web-based service for Subcontractor Utilization reporting. The burden associated with paper based reporting processes and record keeping is replaced by a fully automated and secure online reporting process.


For Prime Subcontractors

  1. Contractors receive regular reporting notices by email.
  2. Click the link provided to log in.
  3. Enter payments made to the list of subcontractors displayed.
  4. Submit documentation signed by both parties validating said payment was made.
  5. This information must be completed and submitted on or before the 5th of each month for the payments with the previous months dates
  6. This report must be completed each month even if NO payments were made to your subs (0.00 is an acceptable payment amount)
  7. Please submit a subcontractor request for any missing subcontractors under each contract

For Lower Tier Subcontractors

  1. Once the prime contractor reports their payments, an email notice is sent to each lower tier subcontractor.
  2. The subcontractor then clicks the link provided to log in to confirm the payment reported by the prime subcontractor has been received.

Additional Contractor Benefits

  • Immediate visibility of contract goal achievement at the overall contract level
  • Visibility to subcontractors that may not be reporting on a timely basis
  • Integrated messaging to support communication with project DBE Coordinator
  • Online subcontractor addition/substitution request process

Getting Started with Subcontractor Utilization Reporting

  • An email with instructions will be sent to contractors when online reporting starts.
  • Before then you can determine if an account has been set up for your company by using the Account Lookup tool.

Customer Support The Vendor Management System is powered by B2Gnow Software.